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By accessing or using our web site at, you (the user) agree to not upload images containing material that is pornographic, racial, of religious hatred, copyright-infringing or that could be insulting to others. Violation of this term will result in the deletion of the infringing custom homepage. McSearcher reserves the right to delete any image without warning. Also, any image uploaded is not encrypted or private and can be seen by other people.



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McSearcher is best viewed with the new Firefox browser, Internet Explorer 7.0 or Safari 3.1 . Download them here:


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I can't see the image I uploaded or my screen is white!

Did you upload a file or a URL?

Please make sure you are uploading a valid image. McSearcher supports .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp file types.

URL: Please make sure the site you are using allows their pages to be shared.
Some sites - including facebook, myspace, and flickr - do not allow their images to be accessed remotely. If you are having problems uploading a URL, try saving the image on your computer, then uploading the image file (see: How to save an image).

If Problems still occur then it’s probably time to update to a new version of your web browser. Please see links above for the newest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer



How come I don’t see the cursor flashing in the search box?


Some of the older browsers do not support McSearcher. Please update your browser above to have everything working correctly.



How to save an image

It's easy to save a picture from the internet:

  1. Right click (if you have a PC) or click and hold (if you have a Mac) on the image you want.
  2. Select 'Save picture as' from the list that appears.
  3. A window should appear, showing the folders on your hard drive. Choose where you would like to save the image to, and click 'Save'.

Your image has now been saved.


The picture won't save!

If the picture you want is part of a Flash file, then it won't save.

Also, sometimes the image has been 'protected' with a little bit of JavaScript. So, for instance, a newspaper site might decide that they don't want people copying their photos from their website.

They put a piece of JavaScript on each image, and it stops you from being able to save it - normally giving you a copyright warning.


 What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator is an address that specifies the location of a file on the Internet (eg,



Where can I find the image URL?

In Internet Explorer:

Right click on the picture then choose Properties. You will then see a line that says address or location . Copy the line from the http:// all the way to the end.


In Firefox:

Right click on the picture then click "Copy Image Location"


How to enter the image URL

Once you have copied the image URL (see “Where can I find the image URL”) you can paste it into the URL field on


My image is taking too long to load when I go to my homepage!

The first time you access the page it may take a little longer to see your background. After that, the image will be saved in your cache and should appear right away.

URL: If you entered the image URL it may be slow because the site you accessed the image from is not responding. Try saving the image to your computer (see: How to save an image) and uploading it directly to


Where can I find good images for my background?

         Google Images

         Searching for “HD wallpapers” or any themed wallpapers you might like (i.e. NY Yankees Wallpapers)

         On your computer


What images work best?


Larger, higher quality images work best. Very small images will be stretched to fit your screen and will not look very good. It’s good to try a few images to get the hang of it.
Further Questions? Send us an email here

Warning:  A lot of pictures you see on the web will be under copyright - and you should get permission before you use them.

General Information:

You can link to the graphic from your website where it is located, but this tremendously slows your web page loading time.

The reason it slows loading time is because each time your web page loads, it will have to search for the graphic online.

Also, if the site where your graphic is located becomes discontinued, or if the site's server is down, your web page will not have the graphic available any longer.

If you'll take a quick moment to save the graphic as a file on your hard drive, you'll have the graphic for keeps, and won't have to worry about delayed loading time.

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